Fremantle Surf Club Sand Mural

Designed by Roni Forrest
Wildfire Consultants

The larger circle in middle represents the elements of the Ocean Wardan, Land Boodja, & Sun Ngangk, which are all reflected in the Fremantle Surf Club logo.

Around the outside of the circles are representations of the Noongar Six Seasons as designed by club junior members. These are stories of hunting and tracking, coming together, finding bush berries, rain, and camp fires. Traditionally our people hunted and gathered food according to these seasons and were guided by the weather, animal behaviour and plants, all signs of nature. We know when food is plentiful in which area and which season and move to those areas accordingly. This is our katitjin – our knowledge.

Wildfire Consultants pay our respects to the Whadjuk people whose boodja land we are on and who have entrusted us with stories, we are keeping the home fires burning – our Kallark, by sharing and teaching our histories and cultures.

Roni & Simon Forrest
November 2020