Woodside Nipper Competition Information

Nipper Carnivals   

            2023/24 Little Nipper & Nipper Competition Guide

  •  Little Nipper Carnivals are for U8s to U9
  •  Nipper Carnivals are for U10s to U13s.
  • FMSLSC Club Championships is open to U10 to U13s nippers, with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded at the end of the season.
  • Carnivals or Championships are NOT COMPULSORY, however we encourage all nippers to “have a go” and participate to the level they feel comfortable.
  • Each SLSWA carnival has an entry fee, which FMSLSC covers for all nippers that register (except for the State Championships).
  • Please don’t abuse this registration bonus by not turning up after registering without an adequate reason.
  • Entries must be in by the nominated FMSLSC due date, otherwise nippers will not be included in the carnival.
  • A parent/guardian must be present throughout the carnival day\

Should your child nominate for a SLSWA carnival event/s and be unable to attend, then it is your responsibility to notify the Age Group Manager. A fee of $20 to cover administration costs may be incurred.

Competitor Award/Proficiency Requirements

  • All competitors entered into a SLSWA carnival event must have completed a preliminary skills evaluation (for U11 to U13 is swim competency minimum 288m open water swim in less than 9 minutes) and competition skills evaluation for their age group (assessed by AGMs).
  • Nipper competitors entering into any event have to have the necessary skills and fitness requirements for the category they have entered into. Competitors should only be entered into a competition if they have proven competency at completing competition distance courses in a reasonable finishing time. AGMs may need to provide guidance to nippers in their event selection.
  • Any nipper competitors that are visibly struggling or unable to complete the course in a reasonable time at a carnival will be pulled from the race by event officials. If this occurs, this competitor will not count towards the club’s participation quotas and will be restricted from further competitions unless a better competency is achieved.

What to Bring

Nippers need to bring these basic requirements (make sure all are labelled with nipper’s name) to all carnivals/competitions.


  • Sunscreen (should be applied before leaving home and reapplied as necessary)
  • FMSLSC Club Bathers
  • FMSLSC Competition surf cap
  • Competition wrist band (collect from office) (lost band ~ purchase from office)
  • Competition (high visibility lycra) Woodside Nipper Vest
  • Hat or cap
  • Towel (consider 2 or more towels if weather is cold or windy)
  • Water Bottle (Large, consider 2Litres or more)
  • Snacks (lots of healthy options are best)
  • Long sleeve, sun safe shirt
  • Warm clothing (for cold conditions)

Club bather, FMSLSC competition surf cap and competition pink vest can be purchased from uniform shop. Opening Times for the Uniform Shop: As advertised in the Nipper News.

Competition Proficiency Swim

Further to the season start proficiency swim, anyone from Under 10 to Under 13 wishing to compete in ANY SLSWA carnival event/s or attend board and/or swim training, must successfully complete the competition evaluation as outlined below (this includes just beach events at carnivals):
Age Group​ Swin Distance Time
Under 8
100m swim Less than 9 minutes
Under 9
100m swim Less than 8 minutes
Under 10
150m swim Less than 12 minutes
Under 11
288m swim Less than 9 minutes
Under 12
288m swim Less than 9 minutes
Under 13
288m swim Less than 9 minutes