Registration & Swim Competency


Registration for nippers at FMSLSC occurs each September.  Please be aware that the nipper program is not a learn-to-swim school.

For any registration enquiries contact FMSLSC administration:   

Phone 08 9335 4359 or Email [email protected]

Swim Competency

For safety and development reasons, junior activity participants (U8 to U13) shall complete a “proficiency evaluation” at the start of the season. There is ALSO a proficiency evaluation that is required to be completed for ALL junior and senior competitors (U10 to U13) at SLSWA carnivals.

This is different and separate to the club proficiency swim at the start of the season.

Season Start Preliminary Proficiency Swim

Water proficiencies are a very important part of Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club’s initial assessments for safety as well as competence.  All junior members (nippers) in Under 8 to Under 13 wishing to enter the water during nipper activities MUST have a basic level of swim competency and hence complete the required swim proficiency at the start of each season, as outlined below. Any child not able to complete the proficiency will not be able to take part in the season nipper program and their membership will be refunded.

Preliminary Swim Proficiency Requirements  ~  Pool Proficiency Requirements 

It is a SLSA requirement that all nippers in the Under 8’s age group and above complete a proficiency swim at the start of each season.

Competition Proficiency Swim

Further to the season start proficiency swim, anyone from Under 8 to Under 13 wishing to compete in ANY SLSWA carnival event/s or attend board and/or swim training, must successfully complete the competition evaluation as outlined below (this includes just beach events at carnivals):   Competitions and  Competition Swim Proficiency Requirements