Life Members

1940 - George James Butler

Life Membership 1941

Foundation member of the Leighton Surf Club in 1935. George was the first Chief Instructor and would have trained the first two teams to gain the Bronze Medallion in January 1935. In March, a six-man Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) team won the inaugural NSW Trophy which was donated by the 1934 NSW Surf Lifesaving Team.

George was Chief Instructor for W.A. Surf Lifesaving during the 1935-36 season. He enlisted in the Australian Infantry Forces and died of wounds at Satelburg, New Guinea on 23 November 1943. 

1941 - Joseph Baker

Life Membership 1941 

Joe Baker joined the Leighton Surf Club as an Associate Member in the 1936/37 season. The next year he was Vice-President.

He continued on the Management Committee until 1939 and again in 1940/41 season. At this time (1939-41) Joe had the kiosk at Leighton Beach and had the Responsibility of holding the Clubhouse key and opening and closing the clubrooms each day. The Club has no further history about Joe.

1942 - Gordon Frederick Dedman

Life Membership 1942

Gordon Dedman was Foundation President of the Leighton Surf Club formed in the 1934/5 season. He held the Presidency until 1948, holding the club together through the depression and war years. The clubrooms began as a one-room shack, Gordon began a Building Committee (1938) which provided additions for Ambulance, Gear and Dressing rooms and a front verandah.

In 1943, the foundations of the clubrooms began to erode, prompting renewed efforts for better accommodation. In 1946, war surplus buildings were purchased to create an 80 ft (21m) x 40 ft (11m) clubroom. In the last year of Dedman’s administration, the Club won the Surf Association’s Presidents Efficiency Trophy.Gordon Dedman continued as Club Patron during 1948-50.  He died in 1950 after a year as Mayor of North Fremantle.

1942 - Ernest Clarence Heath

Life Membership 1942

Foundation member of Leighton Surf Club in 1935. He was in the first team to gain the Bronze Medallion (although he did not receive the medal until 1957). He was Assistant Secretary (1938/39) and Secretary (1939) during which time he was a member of the building committee that provided an old tram for use as the Ambulance Room.

Between 1940 and 1947, Ernest was Club Secretary and at various times was Treasurer and Chief Instructor. In the 1944/45 season he built a 12 ft (3.3m) dinghy which was used as a temporary rescue boat (only in calm weather as it was flat-bottomed).

1948 - Alexander Ernest Gregg

Life Membership 1948

Alec Gregg was a member of the second Bronze Team to gain the award in 1935 and competed in the successful NSW Trophy Team. He was a member of the first surf boat crew, swept by A. Riou.In a small club, Alec took on responsibilities in administration; as Club Captain, Association Delegate and on the Social Committee. He joined the RAAF in 1940 and saw active service during WWII. Alec rejoined the Club as a senior member in 1945/46 and went on the Management Committee.

He was Chief Instructor the following season and was appointed to the Board of Examiners.After being awarded Life Membership, Alec continued as Club President from 1948 to 1952. He died in March 1971.

1948 - Charles P. Rule

Life Membership 1948

Charles Rule’s involvement with the Leighton Surf Club lasted 35 years, from 1938 to 1973.He was an employee of the Fremantle Harbour Trust (FHT) and probably joined the Club as an Associate Member. Charles supervised the extension of the Club’s first premises in 1938 and in 1939 worked on the conversion of an old tram into an Ambulance Room.

Over the years, he was the Club’s contact at the FHT for all maintenance work to the various clubrooms. Charlie held the honorary position of Vice-Patron from 1946 to 1951. His other contribution was a truck which was called upon frequently to convey members and gear to carnivals.

1948 - Alf John Mellor

Life Membership 1948

It is not recorded when Alf Mellor joined the Leighton Surf Club, but in December 1938 he was thanked for his work on the club telephones. He was Assistant Secretary in 1939 and became Secretary in October of that year. That season he was also Ambulance Officer and Registrar. Renowned as a handyman, he was Gear Officer for five years, Boat Captain and Ambulance Officer between 1942 and 1948.

Alf was on the Management Committee from 1948 to 1950, was Junior Vice-President in 1950/51. His final involvement was as a Club Trustee in 1959/60.

1948 - Walter Lawrence Dawson

Life Membership 1948

‘Waddy’ Dawson gained his Bronze Medallion in the first team trained in the Leighton Surf Club in 1935. He was a member of the first surf boat crew swept by Alan Riou. He was involved in the administration of the fledgling surf club as a member of the Management Committee, Gear Officer and Surf Boat Captain between 1938 and 1946.

He was twice Vice-President and Treasurer between 1943 and 1947.During this time he claims to have built the first surf ski on the West Australian coast, a photo is available as proof.

1950 - Alan Alfred Wynn

Life Membership 1950

‘Alan Wynn joined the new Leighton Surf Club as an Associate Member in 1937. The next year he began a long association with the management of the Club as a Committeeman, Ambulance Officer and he involved himself in carnivals as a time keeper. In 1941/42 he became Publicity Officer, but resigned that Office in January 1942 to serve in the Australian Infantry Forces during WWII.

On his return, Alan took the position of Vice-President and Ambulance Officer in 1944/45. He continued as Vice-President for eight years until his resignation in 1952. In 1946, Alan was on the committee to improve the Leighton clubrooms, which officially opened in December of that year.Alan died in 1989.

1951 - James Arch Gow

Life Membership 1951

James Gow was in the first Leighton team to gain the Bronze Medallion in 1935. Like most in the small club he took on responsibilities to run the club as Ambulance Officer, Gear Officer and Vice Captain. WWII intervened and Jim saw active service in the Royal Australian Navy. On return to the Club, Jim was Club Captain for five years between 1947 and 1952, during which he had to contend with low membership for patrols.

He introduced a swim test of 440 yards (350m) for active senior members and of 220 yards for junior members. Jim was also involved in a subcommittee to obtain improvements to the clubroom (1948/49) and was Association Delegate in 1949/50. His last position was as Trustee of the Club in 1959/60.

1952 - Ernest Donald Pass

Life Membership 1952

Don Pass joined the Leighton Surf Club as a sub-Junior in the 1939/40 season. He was Club Captain from 1944 to 1946, when the club had a difficult time with low number of patrol members. At this time Don competed in the Senior Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) and trained the Junior R&R in the 1947/48 season.

However the 1947/48 season was the start of a 17 year run as Surf Boat Captain, until he relinquished the position in August 1964 when he moved to the country.

Don probably did more than anyone to elevate the profile of the Leighton Surf Club in the surf movement, particularly in the boat arena. In 1949, Don set up a fund to purchase a new surf boat the ‘Leighton II’ which was transported from Newcastle, NSW to Fremantle on the SS Beltana in 1951. He was Club President from 1954 until 1959 and Senior Vice-President from 1959 until taking leave of absence in August 1964.

During this period the Club’s lease was transferred from WAGR control to Fremantle Harbour Trust (FHT) and his Committee worked hard to raise funds for new clubrooms constructed by the FHT in 1962. In 1970 Don returned as Chair of a Finance Sub-Committee to raise funds for a new building which opened in 1976. 

He was inducted into the Surf Boat Rowers Hall of Fame in 1996 and the State Centre Hall of Fame 2010. Don Pass, one of the ‘characters’ of the Club, died in March 1998.

1959 - William David Summers

Life Membership 1959 

Bill “Stormy” Summers joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1945, quickly becoming involved in the small Club, on the Board of Management and the Lifesaving Committees between 1947 and 1950. Bill competed in surf boats with his mate Don Pass, competing at the 1956 Australian Titles at Torquay.

He was Vice Captain and then Club Captain from 1952 to ’54 and 1955 to ’58. He was emphatic about upholding the principles of patrol duty, of being prepared. He required all active members to swim in the weekly club swim and within the time limit he set. This pride in public service carried the Club through the times when there was no competitive success.

Success did come when Bill coached the March Past Team to seven State Titles between 1962 and 1976. Bill was Vice-President between 1958 to ‘61 and 1969 to ‘71 and was Club President in the 1968/69 season.He joined the Board of Examiners in 1962 and was awarded Life Membership of SLSWA in 1974. Bill died in April 1997.

1961 - Ivan Frederick Anderton

Life Membership 1961

Ivan or “Pip” as he is known, joined the Leighton Club as a 15 year old junior in 1944. From 1949/50 season Pip held various positions, Ambulance Officer, Social Director, Club Secretary and instructed numerous candidates for SLSA awards. He joined the Board of Examiners in 1950 and became a Carnival Referee for many years.

Pip is recognised for his tenure as Club Treasurer for a total of 11 years between 1956 and 1980. He presided over the club finances during volatile times when the club had low membership, was under threat of resumption from Leighton Beach and a change from old to new clubrooms.

Pip was a source of knowledge on the Club Constitution as well as financial matters.He was Club President and then Vice President between 1969 and 1976, during which he assisted in the efforts to develop new clubrooms. Pip received Life Membership of the SLSWA in 1975. Died June 2020.

1963 - David Taylor Blackley

Life Membership 1963

David joined Leighton Surf Club in 1949 as a junior and immediately became involved with the Social Committee, which at this time ran weekly dances at the club. David moved through the club positions from Club Secretary, Vice President to President between 1957 and 1961. His efforts centred on seeking improved clubrooms and boosting member’s morale.

In the 1962/63 season, David instigated the Club’s first Juvenile (Junior) Division with 118 members. He continued an active role in the Club as Chief Instructor, Social secretary and was again Club President from 1977 to 1980.He coached the Rescue and Resuscitation team to six state Titles between 1968 and 1978 and at times coached the successful March Past Team.David was involved with the State Association as Assistant Secretary, State Team Instructor and Deputy Superintendant. He received Life Membership of the SLSWA in 1975 and of the SLSA in 1979.

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1963 - William Frederick Freeman

Life Membership 1963

Bill “Biter” as he was known joined the Leighton Surf Club as a junior in 1946. He competed in the Senior R&R, March Past and Surf Team events at an early age. Bill held several club positions over the years, including Vice-Captain, Chief Instructor, Gear Steward and Club Captain. He was the State Surf Ski Champion in 1955 and continued as a stalwart in the March Past Team for many years.

Bill is best known along the coast for his seven years as Surf Boat Captain between 1965 and 1977. He swept the Junior Crew to a State Title in 1965 and in 1970 his Senior Crew represented the State at the Australian titles at Ocean Grove, Victoria.He was a member of the State Centre Power Craft Committee, having obtained the IRB and Jet Boat Driver, Instructor and Examiners Certificates. He died in July, 1992.

1972 - Arthur S. Hogan

Life Membership 1972

Art joined the Port Surf Club in 1960 and was elected next year to the committee that organised and conducted weekly dances for social and fund-raising. He held the position of Ambulance Officer for seven years, Vice-Captain, Patrol Officer, Club Captain for eight years and Chief Instructor for three years. During this time Art raised the standard of patrols, which included instigating a refresher course for all Bronze holders.

In 1968, Art became Club President and in 1971 was awarded Best Club Member. By the 1969/70 Season, the Port Club had few qualified members and low morale led to a decline in discipline. Art was a member of a steering committee formed to seek ways to guide the club over a three year re-organisation plan. As Club Captain, Art helped transform the Club and it won the State Centre Efficiency Trophy in the 1973/74 season.

Art continued to take on Club roles, he was Street Appeal Officer for nine years, Club Registrar for six years and has coached Cadet and Junior R&R teams to success.

1973 - Clifford Barry Bridle

Life Membership 1973

Clifford joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1957 at 13 years of age, with his twin brother, both local Nth Fremantle boys. He instructed the NSW Trophy Team to a win in 1964/65, the first club team to win since the inaugural event.Cliff was Club Captain for five years, between 1965 and 1978.

In between he was Chief Instructor, on the Management Committee, Vice President and on the Life Membership Committee. As Club Captain, Cliff was a strong leader in the club, emphasising the need for members to train for competition, not allowing any individual or team to compete if the effort hadn’t been put in beforehand.

He was also the acknowledged leader of the Club’s most successful competition team, the Open Rescue and Resuscitation, which won six State Titles between 1968 and 1976. The team achieved second place at the Australian Championship at Clifton Beach, Tasmania in 1969.

1974 - Ronald Francis Murtagh

Life Membership 1974

Ron joined Port Surf Club with his son in 1966 and became Chairman of the Parent’s Committee which assisted in fund-raising activities. 

He was elected Vice-President in 1969 and Club President the following year. At that time, the Club suffered a decline in Club activities. 

Ron was a member of a steering committee formed to seek ways to guide the club over a three year re-organisation plan.  He re-organised the Club’s finance and accounts and improved communication within the Club. 

To improve discipline, he conducted a Leadership Training Course in 1970. Within the three years, Ron’s management team enabled the Club to win the State Centre Efficiency Trophy. 

Ron was Club President for seven years and then became  the inaugural President of the new Fremantle Surf Club in 1977.

Ron, along with Ron Bennett, initiated the process for amalgamation of the Port and Leighton Surf Clubs, it took six years.  Ron’s organisational ability was also channelled into SLSWA, as Club Delegate and Chairman of its Fund Raising Committee and he assisted as recorder and announcer at carnivals.

With his early death in 1980, the club lost an able administrator

1974 - Ronald George Bennett

Life Membership 1974

Ron was a member of the 1948 State Team in the R&R event whilst at the Cottesloe Surf Club. He transferred to Leighton Surf Club in 1963, becoming President in 1964. As Club President, Ron was strong, bringing discipline to all areas, including patrols, competition and clubrooms. The result was a sense of pride in the Club, culminating as Premier Club, courtesy of the successful R&R Team. Ron returned to the Club from State Centre as President in 1972, when the plans for achieving new clubrooms were stalling.

Over the next five years, Ron was a prime mover in initiating negotiations with the Fremantle Harbour Trust and was Chairman of the Steering Committee for the proposed amalgamation of both clubs to achieve a new building. Agreement was finally made and on 25 July 1976 the Fremantle SLSC was inaugurated. In the inaugural season of Fremantle Surf Club, Ron was Vice President and has been Vice Patron of the Club since then.

As President of the WA Surf Lifesaving Association between 1968 and 1971, he raised the profile of surf in the community and in Government, resulting in a greater level of financial support. He oversaw a modern renaissance of the WA Surf Lifesaving movement as it is today.

Ron was made a Life Member of SLSWA in 1979.

1974 - Charles Blackley

Life Membership 1974

Father of David Blackley, Charles began volunteering in the Leighton Surf Club about 1952.

His service began by manning the door every Saturday evening over the summer, at the popular Club dances. He was then hired on a part time basis as a cleaner twice weekly, of the ladies and gents change rooms. Charles voluntarily extended this to four times a week and cleaned the entire clubrooms, thereby saving the members from the responsibility.

As Charles was in daily attendance, he became the unofficial caretaker, taking delivery of stores, admitting tradesmen and keeping watch on member’s gear. He apprehended two juveniles stealing from the clubrooms, which resulted in a successful prosecution and provided some deterrent to other thefts and vandalism.

Charles took an active interest in the Club’s active and social activities.

1976 - Bevan Howard Kent

Life Membership 1976 

Bevan joined the Port Surf Club in 1967 and was Auxiliary Treasurer from 1968 to 1970. He was a member of a steering committee formed to seek ways to guide the club over a three year re-organisation plan to improve morale, discipline and Club finances.

He was Treasurer from 1970 to 1977, until the amalgamation of Port with Leighton Surf Clubs.

1976 - Anthony Charles Roy Gawthrop

Life Membership 1976

Anthony joined the Port Surf Club in 1966 and was Juvenile Officer from 1967 until 1970. He presided over the integration of the juvenile movement into the Port Club’s management structure. A legacy of his position is a miniature surf reel, still in use today, built by Guillame Fisher.

Tony continued with the youth, as Cadet Officer until 1972. He was Vice-President from 1971 to 1976 and along with Ron Murtagh, represented the Port Surf Club at meetings to prepare the constitution of the new Club of Fremantle.

1976 - Keith James Bridle

Life Membership 1976 

Joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1957 with his twin brother, He gave general assistance around the club as a member of the Lifesaving and Management Committees.

He was voted Best Active Member in the 1969/70 season. He was a member of the highly successful Rescue and Resuscitation Team, winning six State Titles between 1968 and 1976.

Keith held the club positions of Vice-Captain, Patrol Supervisor, Saleable Goods Officer, was a member of the Social Committee and Bar Committee between 1968 and 1978.

1976 - Michael E. Cook

Life Membership 1976

Joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1964, recruited from pool swimming where Michael held the record times for 1500 metre swim for 4 years, the Individual Medley over 800 to 1500 metres and the Swim Through Perth for five years.

He was awarded the Club’s Best First Year Trophy for the 1964/65 season, Best Club Member 1970/71 and Best All-Round Club Member in 1973/74. Mike’s greatest achievement has been in competition, as a member of the Club’s successful Rescue and Resuscitation Team, Surf Team and Club and State Champion Lifesaver. His swimming prowess produced the outstanding record of being a member of the State Team for seventeen consecutive years starting 1964/65 season, with six as State Team Captain. Mike’s success enhanced the reputation of the Leighton Surf Club.

After transferring to the Trigg Island Surf Club in 1977, Mike joined the Board of Examiners and later the State Competition Advisory Panel. He continues an active role as an Assessor and Carnival Referee. Mike was awarded Life Membership of the SLSWA in 1997 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

1978 - Graeme John Harvey

Life Membership 1978

Joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1958 and was the inaugural Junior Captain in 1962, joined the Management Committee and voted the Best Junior Member for 1962/63. Graeme was Vice Captain several times and Club Captain between 1972 and 1974. In 1975 he organised a Club Camp at Point Peron, the start of several camps the club enjoyed.

He was a member of the Rescue and Resuscitation Team that won six state titles between 1968 and 1976. He was Best Active Club Member in the 1972/73 season.Graeme got involved in administration as Assistant Secretary and was a member of the committee which applied for and was granted the first Unlicensed Club Liquor Licence to a Surf Club in 1973. He was a member of the Steering Committee for the amalgamation of Port and Leighton Surf Clubs, Club Vice-President and Bar Committee Chairman in 1977/78 and Club President in 1981.

As President, Graeme provided strong control over Club expenditure, ensuring the Club kept to a Budget. He rationalised the club competitive calendar and set objectives for patrols and competition, to provide a strong guideline for members to improve the outcomes of both.

1978 - Edmund Alan Shea

Life Membership 1978 

Joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1947, was a member of the Junior boat crew (1949/50) and held the positions of Publicity Officer, Chief Instructor and was on the Social Committee.

Alan left to become a foundation member of Port Surf Club in 1958. He returned to Leighton and joined the Management Committee in 1963. Alan was voted Best Club Member in the 1962/63 season. He was transferred to Geraldton in 1968 and on returning to the Club was Club Secretary between 1975 and 1978.

In his capacity as Deputy Superintendent, HM Prison, Fremantle, Alan gave valuable assistance to the club through arranging the seasonal maintenance of the surf boats, the construction of BBQs, Office shelves, racks, etc. Alan joined the Board of Examiners and became Surf Boat Referee at carnivals between 1976 and 1981, officiating at the Australian Championships in 1977.

1983 - Graham H. Walton

Life Membership 1983 

Graham joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1968, becoming Club Secretary in 1969, a position held until 1973, the year he was joint winner of the Haywood Administration Trophy. He was a member of the committee that gained the first liquor licence for a Surf Club in Australia and helped instigate the Club’s first newsletter in 1973 and was its editor for four years.

Graham then took on a number of positions in the Club and was Co-organiser of the Club seminar “Outlook 80” to develop the future direction of the Club. He was Club Captain in 1976/77 and the inaugural Club Captain of the new Fremantle Surf Club from 1977 to 1980. Graham implemented Club Training Camps, the appointment of Competition Captains and an update of the method of club patrols.

The discussions held with State Centre preceded the change to the system of patrol contracts for each club.Graham joined the Board of Examiners in 1988 as an examiner and carnival official and has continued in the Club in positions of Lifesaving Director, Club Captain and Club Secretary.

1985 - Ron Cochrane

Life Membership 1985

Joined the Port Beach Surf Club in 1970 and was awarded Best Club Member in 1972. Ron held various Club positions; Ambulance Officer, Boat Captain, Patrol Officer and Club Secretary.With the formation of Fremantle Surf Club, Ron was the inaugural Gear Steward.

He was awarded Best Patrol Member and then became Patrol Officer in 1980/81, Chief Instructor and then Treasurer for four years (1984-88). He was awarded Best Club Member in 1984. He was Bar Director in 1990/91.

Ron is recognised for his achievements in organising and conducting various fundraising activities, his assistance over a long time in the instruction of club members and in the maintenance of the clubrooms.

1989 - Douglas Harold Roy Becker

Life Membership 1989 

Roy joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1972 as Assistant Juvenile Officer and was awarded Best First Year Member. The next year he became Juvenile Director, a position held for the next 6 years. He assisted the Port Beach juveniles and the State Juvenile Team as well as inspiring the club’s juveniles with his enthusiasm. This period saw the retention of many future outstanding competitors for the Club. Roy then became Chief Instructor from 1978 to 1986 where he produced an organised instruction program that ensured members were well prepared for their assessment.

He was co-organiser of Club Camps and organised club training sessions to improve the fitness and skills of members. Roy has consistently had an enthusiastic attitude which increased the morale of members and given reliable assistance to all. Roy joined the Board of Examiners as instructor, assessor, carnival official and State Juvenile Team Instructor. He was awarded Life Membership of SLSWA in 1993.

1990 - Vince Mark Hayes

Life Membership 1990 

First joined Leighton Surf Club in 1964, but rejoined in 1971. He was awarded Best Junior Member in the 1971/72 season. Vince was always willing to assist the Club; he was on the Board of Management Committee, Patrol Supervisor, Treasurer from 1980 to 1982 and President from 1987 to 1989.Vince was an outstanding beach competitor, with natural ability.

He was a member of the winning Junior Beach Relay in the state titles 1972 and in the successful Open Beach Relay Teams in 1973 and 1977. Vince won the Open Beach Flag state titles in 1974 and 1978 and was a member of the State Team in 1975. He was the Club Beach Coach from 1974 to 1976. In the 1978/79 season, a crippling disease finished his competition, but he continued to assist as Carnival Announcer. After his recovery from illness, Vince involved himself in the Club’s administration.

As Treasurer, he re-established the finance committee, introducing an accounting system for tighter monitoring of the club’s finances. During his term as President, he set guidelines for a re-structure of the Club to provide a better chain of communication and clear planning and operational duties for each Officer. His plans were instigated by the succeeding President.

1991 - Roy Sojan

Life Membership 1991 

Joined Leighton in 1965 from the Port Beach Surf Club. Roy took leave of absence for military service (in Vietnam) in the 1969/70 season, then left the Club for country employment, returning in 1979. Roy applied himself to many areas and gained many surf awards; Instructor and Examiner for Lifesaving, IRB, First Aid, ARC and Radio. He applied them all at various times as Patrol Supervisor, First Aid Officer, Surf Boat Captain, Gear Steward, Chief Instructor and Secretary. He was awarded Best Active Member at Leighton in 1968 and Fremantle in 1982 and again in 1985.

Roy coached the Fremantle First Aid Team to success at the 1990 State Championship. On joining the Board of Examiners he was Junior Craft and Water Referee for three years; Junior Competition Officer, on the Patrol Inspection Panel and was Boat Judge at the National Championship in 1990.

Roy gave unselfish contribution of time and skills to the Club, notably for the help he gave to the younger members. His efforts in maintenance around the Club identified Roy as a Club Stalwart.

1991 - John Francis Mannion

Life Membership 1991  

Joined the Port Beach Surf Club in 1970. He was Junior Champion Lifesaver at Port in 1973/74 and awarded Best Club Member in 1974/75. John was always prepared to get involved and was a Patrol Captain for three years, then Patrol Officer and Cadet and Junior Manager at Port in 1975/76.

At Fremantle, he held the positions of Committeeman, Street Appeal Officer, Intra Club Competition Officer, Social Director from 1985 to 1990 and Competition Director (1990-92). As Competition Director John was regarded well by competitors and provided strong direction to the club team members competing at carnival.

1992 - Colin John Duffield

Life Membership 1992  

Joined the Leighton Surf Club as a juvenile member in 1962. Colin was a member of the Cadet R&R and Cadet Surf Team that won the state titles in 1965, the Junior Boat Crew that won the state title in 1966 and a member of the State Team in 1970. He coached and swept the Club’s Open Surf Boat Crew to the state title in 1991.

Colin has held various positions; Gear Steward, Boat Captain, Vice President, Assistant Juvenile Director, Junior Competition Officer, Board of Management Committeeman and Street Appeal Officer. Colin served on the Building Committee for seven years and contributed much to the design and planning of the Port Beach Annexe and new Clubrooms that opened in 1995.

Colin’s other achievements have been the development of the Club’s sponsorship packages, co-instigator of the Fremantle Club Triathlon fund-raising event and Leighton 1600 metre Community Swim. Since achieving his Life Membership, Colin was Club President for six years, 2001 to 2007. During this time he instigated communication with the City of Fremantle and Corporate Development Organisations in order to prepare the planning for new clubrooms in conjunction with the development of the Leighton Beach Foreshore.

1996 - Larry A. Tilbury

Life Membership 1996   

Larry joined Leighton Surf Club as a Juvenile Member in 1961 and was a member of the State Champion Junior Surf Boat in 1966 and State Team in 1970 in the Surf Boat Crew. He was awarded Best Club Member in 1968 and again in 1993, firstly for his effort as Social Secretary and then for his achievements as Chief Instructor. Larry has had many roles in the Club; Competition Director, Cadet Officer and Vice President and was twice President, in 1985 to ‘87 and 1994 to ‘99.

Larry organised many major fundraising activities and pursued sponsorship to give the Club a healthy financial status. His commitment to the building project, which commenced in 1991, culminated in the official opening of new clubrooms in 1995. As Chief Instructor, the club gained from the large influx of new members that achieved their Lifesaving awards. Larry joined the Board of Examiners in 1989 and has been an Examiner for 17 years, Liaison Examiner for 12 seasons and Regional Training Consultant for the Peel Region.

He was awarded SLSWA Assessor of the Year in 2007 and Life Membership to the SLSWA in 2008.

1999 - Carol Duffield

Life Membership 1999 

Carol joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1964 at the age of 14. In those days females could not join the Surf Lifesaving Association, so created their own organisations; the Ladies Active Section, which held competitions, and the Ladies Auxiliary, which supported the social activities of the male Club. Carol represented the Leighton Ladies ‘Club’ in the R&R event, the Surf Belt Team and the March Past Team.

In 1965 Carol joined the Ladies Auxiliary as Secretary, a position she held until the Auxiliary disbanded in 1981. In 1982 Carol reformed the Ladies Auxiliary and was elected President, a position she held until it disbanded in 1991.As Saleable Goods Officer, between 1975 and 1996, Carol contributed greatly to the implementation of uniform club clothing over many design changes.

She was awarded Life Member (Ladies Auxiliary) in 1986. As President of the Ladies Auxiliary, Carol liaised with the Club’s Social Committee in organising social functions and providing the catering. She organised the purchase and donation of food for the Club Camps and so contributed to the successful introduction of many young members to the Club.

2002 - Mark Andrew Nolan

Life Membership 2002  

Mark joined as a Juvenile Member in 1974 and between 1975 and 1981 won State Titles in Beach Sprint, Beach Relay and Beach Flag as a Juvenile, Cadet and Junior. He was a member of the Junior State Teams in 1975 and 1976.

As a Senior, Mark continued with; Open Beach Sprint Champion for 4 years; Member of the State Team for 4 years and Member of the Southern State Team, competing at the Freshwater Carnival in 1989.Mark became a successful coach, (Beach Captain from 1987 to 1992) and contributed to the reputation the Fremantle Club held throughout Australia in the Open Beach Relay event.

The Beach Relay teams won the State Championship in 10 out of 11 years, from 1982 to 1992, with Mark as a member of the team on 9 occasions and Coach on 5 occasions. The Beach Relay won an Australian Gold Medal in 1987 at Scarborough Beach and for the next 5 years was in the finals at Australian Championships.Mark’s success brought significant recognition for this Club, both within WA and on the eastern shores.

His ability as a coach to motivate competitors is widely recognised. He was inducted into the SLSWA Hall of Fame in 2005.

2003 - Colin George Moysey

Life Membership 2003  

Colin joined the Leighton Surf Club in 1962 and was a member of Leighton’s Champion Junior Boat Crew that year. He was given leave from Club for 2 years National Service in 1966 and on his return, was a member of the Open Boat Crew that represented WA as the State Team at Ocean Grove in 1970. He continued in boat crews at the senior level for many years.

Colin has given 10 year service as Club Treasurer, between 1969 and 2002, during which he assisted in resurrecting the Club’s financial position through a review of the Club’s accounting procedure and the introduction of a more efficient system that gave a better account of the financial position, allowing the Club to save funds to reinvest in financial institutions.

2003 - Greg James Whipp

Life Membership 2003  

Greg joined the Leighton Surf Club in October 1966 as a junior member. Beginning in 1976 he had a ten year break, maintaining Country Membership, rejoining as an Active Member in 1986. Greg has always been prepared to volunteer to help in all areas of the club and has held a number of positions, such as Social Director, three years as Bar Director, Club Secretary, two years as Vice President and three years as President, 1999 to 2002.

Greg was awarded Best Club Member in 1995/96. Greg’s made considerable contributions to the club in the social, bar and catering areas, where he proposed, organised, managed and catered club lunches, fund raising events and club socials. In the 1990’s, he was the main organiser of the club Touring Teams to the Australian Championships each year.

As club President Greg liaised with local Councils and businesses to improve the tenure of our premises at Leighton Beach.He has achieved 15 years service to SLSWA as a Carnival Official in the Boat Arena, lately as Sectional Referee at the 2004 Australian Surf Championships. Greg was the 2001/02 SLSWA Boat Person of the Year.

2003 - Ian Campbell Mansfield

Life Membership 2003   

Ian joined Leighton Surf Club in 1964 as a State Champion pool swimmer. He was a member of the Surf Team and Rescue and Resuscitation Team that won many State Titles between 1966 and 1971.

Ian was State Junior Belt Race Champion in 1967, placing second at the Australian Championship that year. He was a member of the State Teams from 1966 to 1970 and represented WA in international competition against New Zealand and South Africa. After a seven year break from the Club, Ian returned in 1984 as Junior Division Director, where he promoted the idea that participating in the ‘Nippers’ should be fun, with emphasis on sportsmanship and comradeship. This is the current format on which the Junior Division is run today and proved the stimulus for increasing Junior Division numbers. For this he was awarded Best Club Member in 1986/87.

In 1993, Ian was elected Club President, with the club in financial distress. He restructured the Board of Management and brought the Club to financial reality with Budgets for each section, requiring adherence to restrict Club debt. At the time, the Club’s Licensed Premise was a huge financial strain, so he persuaded the members to relinquish the Licensed Premise to reduce that strain on the Club. Ian also was a prime mover in accelerating action on financing of the new Clubrooms, introducing an action plan which provided a new building within two years.

2006 - Peter Hastie

Life Membership 2006   

Peter transferred to the Leighton Surf Club in 1973, during it’s “Golden Era” as Premier Club in W.A. He was part of the Leighton, then Fremantle R&R Team, from 1974 until 1979 during which it achieved 3 Gold, 2 Silver and a Bronze medal at State Championships.

Peter also competed successfully in Surf Belt Race, Open Surf Race, Taplin Relay and the Club March Past Team.After leaving competition, Peter put his effort into the training and assessment of the Club’s younger members and has instructed an average of 25 candidates a season.

Peter has made a tremendous contribution to this Club, first as a competitor, then imparting his knowledge to the younger members. His contribution to training has provided the Club many new members who are both skilled and motivated. All this done with enthusiasm and a genial nature that makes Peter easy to work with. During his service to the Club, Peter has been the recipient of two “Appreciation Awards” and the Best Club Member for 2002/03.

2012 - Mark Kenneth Regel

Life Membership 2012 

Mark began as a nipper in 1971. Mark was awarded Best Junior Member in 1977/78 for his outstanding enthusiasm within the club and his achievement as a surf ski competitor.

Mark achieved the rare feat of becoming State Ski Champion as a Cadet (1976), Junior (1978, 1979) and Senior (1983). Mark has served as a member of the Jet Boat Rescue Team (1978 and 1979) and attained the position of Crew Chief in the Helicopter Rescue Service (1986).Mark became Club Captain in 2002 and held that position for 6 years. During this time, he gave considerable thought, research and implementation into improving the way, this club patrolled the beaches. He developed the integration of this club with the local community as a founding member of the SLSWA Emergency Response Group (2002).

Through Mark’s efforts’, the Fremantle Club has become a significant rescue asset / resource for the local community.Mark has been involved with mentoring the interest of members especially younger members for their Surf Rescue Certificate.

2014 - Mark Peters

Life Membership 2014

Mark joined as a Nipper in 1981 and developed rapidly as a beach sprint competitor, becoming State Junior Beach Sprint Champ in 1986 and was a part of the winning Junior Beach Relay in 1984 and 1985.

Mark was a member of the club’s highly successful Senior Beach Sprint Team from 1987 to 1994, winning the Australian Beach Relay in 1987. In the meantime, Mark contributed to the club’s lifesaving duties as Vice-Captain, Patrol Captain and Patrol Officer. As Competition/Surf Sports Director from 2008 to 2011, Mark initiated a rebuilding program towards raising Fremantle’s participation in competition, encouraging and providing the opportunity for members to train under experienced coaches.

Following this, Mark became Ski Captain/Coach and put in place a team development goal to improve paddling skills and fitness and increasing the Fremantle Ski competitors’ profile. Mark has been a role model for potential competitors within the club as well as actively encouraging and nurturing our young members.

2014 - Susan Collins

Life Membership 2014 

Sue joined in 1980; the year SLSA introduced females as active surf lifesavers alongside males.

Sue soon became a formidable competitor at Club, State and Australian level, providing inspiration to other female members who followed. Sue has been Club Captain, Competition Director, Competition Secretary and Club Secretary.

During 2009, Sue considered that the Club’s U15 and U17 youth, who were included with the senior group, weren’t having their potential realised and that this contributed to the low level of retention. She initiated and became the inaugural Director of Youth Development, whose role was to improve their retention and involvement through development of their surf skills. Sue has also contributed much to increasing the skills and enthusiasm of our young members in swim, board and ski areas as Captain or Coach at various times.

2015 - John Summers

Life Membership 2015

John joined as a nipper parent in 1986 and has attained over 60 surf awards. He shared the Best Club Member award in 2001 and was a finalist for the WA Lifesaver of the Year Award in 2003. In 2014, John was awarded the Australian Government National Service Medal for 15 Years patrol service. He has held numerous positions on the Board in his 18 years’ service, including Sponsorship Director, Secretary, Club Captain and Director of Lifesaving. John has held the position of IRB Officer for 17 consecutive years. He mentored youth members to step into leadership roles, guiding them in acquisition of skills necessary for their development.

As IRB Officer John has provided the Club with a hugely successful IRB program, training for patrol duties as well as a successful racing team, winning 5 IRB State Championships and its first National Medal in 2014. John has been a member of the Emergency Response Team since its inception in 2005. He has assisted the club as a part of the Constitutional Review in 2009 and the Building Planning Committee in 2010.

2016 - Rachelle Doyle

Life Membership 2016

Rachelle joined in 1984 and was awarded the Best Cadet Member in 1985/86. Over 33 years, she has been a top competitor and achieved numerous surf Lifesaving awards. Rachelle has been a Club Examiner and Instructor for 20 years between 1996 and 2016. During that time and especially 1998/99 season, she along with the other examiners, has supervised the qualification of a large number of members.

As Club Development Officer in 2007/08, Rachelle mentored and assisted the club’s Training Officers and Assessors and managed the community training opportunities for the club.

Under her leadership as Education Director in 2014/15, the Education Group initiated or strengthened the development of course delivery programs to economise Trainer’s time, conducted a patrol Education program and continued the mentoring program for new Trainers and Assessors.

2020 - Nick Palmer

  Life Membership 2020

Nick and his brother Bill joined in 1986 to row surf boats. Their crew went on to win the first gold medal for the Club in Open Surf Boats in 1991. He also fostered and swept the first female crew that came third in the State Championships in 1994/95. After a period of setbacks in the boat area, in 2008 he saw a need for more direction within the Club, taking on the role of surf boat captain which he has held for a total of 15 years. Nick’s vision has been to develop a rowing fraternity from within Club ranks that would encourage young people to develop a long term relationship with the Club. To build this culture, Nick has developed, nurtured and promoted rowing by means of fitness training, good coaching, having fun and camaraderie, which  will lead to better community and corporate citizens. To do this Nick has provided the sweeps, budgets to equip them with the necessary tools and organised specialist coaches.  He has spent many hours on the Aust. Surf Rower’s League Advisory Panel, is often called on to be a part of the boat judiciary committee at carnivals. Nick’s passion for surf rowing has seen him provide great service to the Club, its members and the State surf boat arena.

2022 - Brian Troy

Life Membership 2022

Brian joined Leighton in 1973 as a Juvenile member (Nipper,) a lifelong membership. His leadership qualities became apparent early, being involved in all areas of Administration, assisting in renegotiating the terms of the Club Patrol Contract with State Centre, developed a Lifesavers’ Policy framework, worked with the Club Directors to consolidate our Club Bar License and updating the Club Constitution to fit the new structure of the Board.

Brian was installed in the WA Hall of Fame as a member of the Beach Relay Team from 1981 to 1992, and twice a member of the State Team

Brian has put all this experience back into the club as a coach and mentor to the younger members.

Brian’s influence has extended to the State Centre as a member of its Organisation Review Committee and Constitution Committee.

His most recent involvement in the Club, as Chair of the History Committee, is aimed at compiling a comprehensive history of the club in order to inspire our members in the future.

2023 - Mike Shaw

Life Membership 2023

Mike joined the Fremantle Surf Club in 2008 and after familiarising himself of the routine on the beach, began an effective team with Jay Morgan as Water Safety Coordinator in 2011. They continued in this position for 4 years and were an integral part of the success of the Junior Club.

With his capacity for organisation, Mike was asked to take on the role of Major Events Coordinator, running the Club Championship, Junior and State Championships on Leighton Beach in 2012/13 and continues still with the Club Champs.

Mike has been compiler and editor of the Club’s Annual Report since 2017.

In 2019, he assisted the Marketing Director in securing annual funding from the City of Fremantle Council.

Mike was Club President for 4 years from 2014, where his administration oversaw the reorganisation of the Board of Management, to separate the Executive from Operational management. Mike has worked hard to eliminate any divisive attitudes between sections within the Club to create harmony into the future.  He has concentrated on leadership development to allow the younger members to take on roles and responsibilities.

A major contribution evolved after Mike gained the Training Officer award in 2013. where he assisted in the training and assessing of club members for surf awards.  With Matt Elliott, he has hosted Beach and Surf Awareness sessions to multicultural people at Leighton Beach.  From 2018/19, after gaining his Commercial Training Certificate, his team provided community Surf Rescue Certificate training to local schools, a programme developed to help familiarise immigrants, with no previous experience of our beaches, as to its inherent dangers and who they can ask for help. An unexpected impact has been to introduce younger Fremantle members, keen to demonstrate their lifesaving skills, who enthusiastically became the ‘leaders’ of the water program and along the way learned of the hardships and journeys of the students, whilst embracing different cultures.

For this program, Mike and Matt were awarded the SLS of Australia Community Education of the year Award of Excellence in 2020.

Mike has also become involved in the WA State Centre as the Chair of the State Education Advisory Committee for the past five years and was a finalist for the State Assessor of the Year in 2022 for his role in overcoming the difficulties in coordinating assessors from other clubs by initiating a forum of Education Managers to discuss common issues.  Mike has developed an on-line solution for maintaining trainer and assessor currency qualifications.

Mike’s contribution to surf lifesaving has extended into his membership of the National Education Committee and of the WA Board of Directors.

Mike received State and National recognition for his work for the surf lifesaving movement  as Volunteer of the Year, Trainer and Assessor of the Year in 2019 and 2020. He has contributed significantly to both the Club and State in nearly all aspects of Lifesaving, from water safety, to training, assessing , community awareness and the running of competitions.

An important criterion for the Life Membership award is that the candidate has had to have made an outstanding contribution to the club over the totality of their membership.  Mike has, through innovative methods and service, contributed to improving the surf awareness of the members of this club, to the surf lifesaving movement and to the beach-going public, thereby upholding the highest values of Surf Lifesaving and is deserving of Life Membership of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club.