Beach Sprints & Flags

Beach Sprints & Flags

Beach events include the beach sprint (90m), beach relay, 2km run and beach flags.

The Beach Sprint is based on the same rules as the 100m race on a track, except it’s over 90m in the sand.

Beach relay utilises the same 90m track as used for the Beach Sprint, however competitors run up and back changing a baton.

Beach flags is an elimination event, where competitors must race 20 metres to pick up a flag. There are fewer flags than competitors, so those missing out are eliminated. The last remaining competitor after all the elimination rounds wins the event.

Fremantle SLSC beach sprint team has a tremendous record of sporting achievement, with members winning State and National titles from the earliest days of Surf Life Saving.  The team trains to succeed, and to help every runner become the best competitor they can be. While some talent is needed for running, often the best competitors are those most determined to succeed and prepared to do the hard work at training.