Board and Management


Jette Oksis

Vice President

Liam Burke

Club Captain 
Matt Elliott

Director of Administration / Secretary
Clint Blay

Director of Finance
Henny Smith

Director of Life Saving & Education
Liam Burke

Director of Surf Sports
Tracey Irving

Director of Development
Kirsty Moore

Board Position Descriptions


Manager Life Saving
Jessica Simpson

Manager Education
Mike Shaw

Manager Surf Sports

Manager Junior Development
James Currey

Manager Youth Development
Madeleine Stockden

Manager of Social
Elysia Shields

Manager of Marketing
Mick Burke

Complaints Officer  

Tim Macknay

Management Position Descriptions


IRB Officers 
Luke de Laeter, Ethan Shaw

RWC Officer                 

Jay Morgan

Patrol Officer

Ella Douglas

First Aid Officer

Emily Kinlan

Drone Officer

Peter Smith

Radio/Vehicle Officer


Mike Shaw


Joel Moore

SRC Adult
John Price

IRB Driver 


IRB Crewman   

Higher awards (silver, pain management, ARTC, first aid) TBC

Swim Captain  
Tracey Shaw

Beach Captain
Dorian Moro

Ski Captain
Jon Standing

Board Captain
Matt Elliott

Surf Boat Captain
Nick Palmer

IRB Captain
Luke de  Leater

Masters Sports Officer
Fi Carroll

Nipper Surf Sports Officer
Richard Dreverman

Youth Surf Sports Officer

Aldi Prinsloo

Madeleine Stockden, Mike Dean, Joel Moore, Courtney Sutherland, Clint Blay.

Kate Burke

Mick Burke, Jack Dowie, Henny Smith, Kate Burke, Darren Miller, Javier Mogollon, Amrit Jessy

Larry Tilbury, Graham Walton, Brian Troy

Graham Walton(Chair),  Larry Tilbury, John Summers, Brian Troy, Carol Duffield

Brian Troy, Larry Tilbury