Blokestalk Beachside

Mens mental health and wellbeing – by the beach

In association with Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club


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A regular evening for Blokes to get together to discuss staying mentally healthy by the beach..

Time: 6.30 to 8.30pm

Date: Monday May 20th, 2024

Venue: Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club, Leighton Beach, North Fremantle

Cost: $7 (plus booking fee) to cover costs and donate the balance – Meeting for Minds


  1. Open and Welcome
  2. A talk by a Bloke to Blokes about things Blokes need to talk about to stay mentally healthy
  3. Blokes then talking
  4. An exercise with your eyes closed to help your Blokes mind calm down and plan the next 30 days and beyond so you are more mentally healthy and happier
  5. Close of Forum
  6. Stay back for a chat
  7. Doors Shut – 9pm – home to bed for healthy sleep


Some of the topics in the series of Blokes Talk – Beachside Forums will be:

  • How to plan and live a healthy, happy life after your worklife
  • How the Bloke Mind works and how you can manage and drive it better
  • How you can’t always Judge a Bloke’s Book by its Cover..
  • How do you recognise that a Bloke is not OK.. and what to do about it.. The Early Warning Signs for Not Ok..
  • Understanding Brain Fuel Depletion – the Brain Chemicals you need to know about and Manage
  • How and Why you need a good bunch of blokes (friends – could be male or female or both) to stay mentally and physically healthy
  • Understanding the Science of the Brain and Neuroplasticity – Which muscles in the brain have you been exercising well and which ones you have been straining too much
  • The difference between the Male and Female Brain and how you can deal with that
  • How to understand, manage and calm that inner ocean inside of many/most blokes
  • Rules and Tools for the Bloke Brain to Live a Great Life – no matter what your age
  • The Bloke Lifecycle and how to manage it