Surf Sports



Beach Sprint

The beach sprint and beach relay events are straightforward races over the relevant distance. Up to 10 competitors per race can start with the winner being the first person whose chest crosses the line. In the beach relay, team members are expected to exchange a baton (usually a small length of garden hose) at the end of each leg.


Beach Flags

The beach flags event requires competitors to lay on their stomachs facing away from a series of “flags” (short pieces of garden hose) placed in the sand. On the sound of a whistle competitors stand up, turn and race to collect one of the flags. The number of flags available will generally be one less than the number of competitors involved though in some instances, if there a large number of participants, more than one person may be eliminated at a time.


23/24 training times tbc

Dorian Moro 



2km Run

These long distance events are soft sand races which are determined on first past the post basis.


23/24 training times tbc

Jack Dowie


Surf Skis

Surf skis are a very well supported discipline within the club with competition, development and social paddlers on the water daily. Various programs exist to encourage members of all abilities to gain exposure to the sport.
Competition allows for individual, doubles and mixed double skis.


23/24 training times tbc

Jon Standing




23/24 training times tbc


Tracey Shaw



Board paddling is one of the basic skills for surf life saving and is also an exciting area of competition to get involved in. Board events include single board races, board rescues and relay events.


Board training is currently open to all Under 8 – Masters. Beginners are welcome. 

23/24 training times tbc


Matt Elliott ~ Youth / Seniors /Masters

Peter Smith (Pedro) ~ Nippers



Freo has a very large contingent of trained IRB drivers and crew. An essential aspect of lifesaving and club patrols, qualified members can also represent the club in SLSWA IRB racing carnivals traditionally held in the winter months.

Training Times:


March Past

March Past was contested at the first Surf Carnival in 1920.

Although we no longer use belt and reel for rescues in surf, March Past has become a colourful Grand Parade event which builds team and club camaraderie.

Twelve team members march in formation carrying the club flag, belt and reel. The judges deduct marks for discrepancies from perfect formation, appearance and marching style. 


Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R) 




Every club is required to provide officials at surf carnivals and the ratio is based on the number of competitors. Freo strives to have participants in as many disciplines as possible which then requires us to have a strong presence in the officiating arena. This could be in water or beach areas.

All officials are highly trained volunteers who can get involved in local carnivals, State Championships, The Aussies and The Worlds. 

We are always looking for members interested in taking that next step and becoming officials, so if you would like to learn more about becoming an official please contact the Office    9335 4359  [email protected]